August 2013

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Business

Some things to consider before you buy a business:

1)      Some people fall in love with a business/concept vs. some fall in love with being an entrepreneur. The second group is under misconception that you’ll have plenty of free time if you own your own business.

2)      Many underestimate how hard it is to run your own business. Pluas, as I’ve learned, no one is as motivated to work hard at your business as you the owner are. So if you aren’t motivated to work hard, don’t expect your employees to be.

Corporate Reporting Scam (N.C. Annual Minutes)

There is a scam asking legitimate corporate entities formed in NC to send in $125 and an annual corporate records form. It looks official. It is not.

One of my clients called me with questions about the form. I had to look at it twice.

See the Alerts Section:

Failing to get permits, violation of code, negligence per se

Failing to get proper permits, such as electrical and plumbing work, is a violation of the building codes. Liability for failing to get the permits and the inspections can create a case against the owner and the persons providing the labor. 

This is from a recent Summary Judgment brief we argued: