June 2013

Build-A-Bandit absconds with car owners deposits

Build-A-Bandit owner, Robert Allen McElreath, took over $2,000,000 in deposits from car owners then didn’t work on their cars. He’s believed to have fled the state.

Attorney General Roy Cooper said June 3 that a judge issued a temporary restraining order against Robert Allen McElreath. The order issued last week told el Bandito to stop taking orders and advance deposits for automobile restoration in North Carolina.

Trademarks: Trying to protect a surname used in a business name

Thinking of using your name (eg. surname) as part of your business name? You may want to reconsider because the protectibility of a business name that includes a surname is extremely limited in North Carolina. As a rule, a trademark cannot be taken in a surname, and the mere incorporation of a business using a surname does not give that business the exclusive right to that name in North Carolina.