January 2013

Scattering Ashes in NC, Estate Attorney

Many people ask about how to handle scattering ashes if the cremains are not going to be placed in a memorial site, such as a cemetery.

Regulations governing the scattering of cremains vary according to where you want to spread the remains. Many cities and some counties have their own regulations in addition to statutes. Public parks, including national parks, have their own regulations. These include scattering ashes at sea.

Ivy Removal Service in Triad NC 336-978-5737

I’ve hired Wesley Chapman to clear ivy in my backyard. He’s coming back out again to clear another area over run by ivy. He’s good. Real good.

Since he last worked on my yard he’s done plenty of others, including friends of mine who discovered a 1930’s fire pit they had no idea was in their backyard because it was covered in ivy.

Call Wesley Chapman at 336-978-5737 for clearing of ivy in your yard. Retake your yard!

Below are two shots of a yard he was in the process of clearing. See the difference for yourself:



How to Create a Strong Trademark, Trademark Attorney in Winston-Salem NC

A trademark is a word, logo, sound, shape, color or any combination that distinguishes the goods or services of one party from another. The development of a strong trademark is a valuable business asset that promotes customer goodwill, increases customer satisfaction and improves sales.