December 2012

Wrongful Death Case: Attorney Amends Complaint to Include Employer of Driver

   The Winston-Salem Journal reported on December 22, 2012 that the estate of a rider in a car has made a motion to amend its original complaint to include the employer of the driver.     The reason: the driver may have been using his cell phone to make business calls while driving.     At the same time of the purported call, it is alleged the driver failed to realize highway traffic was slowing to merge into one lane.


NEW HAVEN, CT — The family of Jose Mauricio Campos Thursday won a jury verdict of nearly $2.3 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against a hotel corporation and its employee, the driver of a van that struck Campos. Mr. Campos was riding his bike around 7:00 pm on 9-15-08 when hit by the hotel van driven by a Mr. Coleman.

Coleman was a defendant in the civil suit, along with his employer, LaQuinta Inn and Suites. The driver and the employer-hotel were found to be equally liable.

Cary Bicyclist Who Was Seriously Injured Thinks Driver Was Distracted at Time of Accident

CARY, N.C. -- Cyclist Craig Purcell remained hospitalized at WakeMed Thursday - almost a week after nearly losing his life in a car on bike collision. Mr. Purcell was cycling on Cary Parkway near Kildaire Farm Road in Cary in October when the accident occurred.

"I saw the black car using the left hand turn lane to come across the road," Purcell recalled. "All I could do was brace for impact."

Purcell said the collision’s impact threw him in an opposite direction from his original direction.

Life Estate Value of Real Property, Partition Attorney in North Carolina

Life estate in real property. Where there is a partition and/or sale of Real property involving a life estate. There is a motion for partition or partition sale before the clerk of court. A commissioner is appointed to determine if the property can be partitioned (divided) or if it can not be divided, then sold. Afterwards a motion and order to sell the property will occur. Notice of Sale will be made in a paper in the county where real property is located along with notice to all property owners.