October 2012

Probating Out-of-county or out-of-state Estates to convey Real Property in North Carolina

ISSUE: What do you need to do if there is an estate in one county or state and real property held by the decedent in another county?

In the event a person is administering an estate in one county where the decedent died, but the decedent held property in his/her name in another county, one needs to consider an ancillary proceeding in the county or counties where the real property is located. This is necessary for title to pass to the beneficiaries in the estate.

Tree Cutter Recommendation

If you are looking to have trees cut, trees & tall bushes trimmed call:

Tarheel Tree Service, Inc. 336-749-5197 (James Redmon)

He has cut tree at my house and my rent houses. We’ve been pleased.

I got his name when James Redmon cut a 150+ year old oak tree hanging over my neighbors house. That tree was a monster.

Reasonable prices.

He’s bonded.

Always ask your tree cutter to show his bond before entering a contract.


Post Judgment Collection: 1-352 Examination of Debtor in Stokes Co.


Had a client come to see me about collecting on a judgment. He had an order from the court for the judgment debtors to return specific commercial equipment to him.

However, the debtors are concealing the equipment from the creditor. Sheriff can’t find it. Sheriff turns in the writ of execution unserved. He turns to me.

N.C. Expungements: 4 completed week of October 8th (NC Lawyer)

Last week Sanders Law Firm, PLLC successfully completed four expungements for citizens. Now these clients will be able to legally state that they do not have a criminal record. 

With expungements, the state recognizes that a person with one criminal conviction or dismissal who otherwise has a clean record can have a second chance at maintaining a clean record. This helps with job applications.

There are several steps in the qualification process. Contact us to discuss at: (336) 724-4707 or kirk@kirksanderslaw.com

Judicial Elections Forsyth County--David Sipprell for Judge

This year, 2012, will be an important election year for judges. One Forsyth County race of importance is the Judge Chester Davis seat. Judge Davis is retiring.

Of the two candidates, David Sipprell, is the clear choice, in my opinion. Here’s why:

1)      Sipprell has experience as a long time Assistant District Attorney.

2)      He understands the issues and can apply to the facts of a case. In other words, he will be a sound judge. This should always be the priority when choosing a judge.

Menigitis Death in NC

Denton, N.C. — The State Health Department has confirmed the death of Effie Shaw in Davidson County is related to the national outbreak of fungal meningitis, which has been linked to the New England Compounding Center’s tainted steroid shots in as many as 16 states. This is the first death in NC linked to the outbreak, but the Health Department reports one other case of fungal meningitis in the state is also connected.

Another victim in NC is still being treated but is no longer hospitalized, according to a Health Department press release issued Saturday.