July 2012

Winston-Salem Police Department Accident Reports On-line-Attorney

If you need an accident report completed by the Winston-Salem Police Department, then go to this page:


Follow the instructions and you should be able to pull your accident report.

Once you’re signed in, I click on the 4th icon down on left hand bar, then click edit.

Another Corporation Re-Instated with Secretary of State

Corporation officers came to office. Their corporation (1) had not file annual reports with the secretary of state in several years.

(2) Had not had annual meeting of shareholders and directors in longer period.

Both are big no-no’s.

Just before we sent in the annual reports, N.C. Secretary of State administratively dissolves.

Finally we get to a live person in the department, reason—revenue non-compliance.

News Release: Sanders Law Firm PLLC obtains $86,174 Judgment against business


Image001 Sanders Law Firm represented a commercial landlord in case to obtain judgment against commercial tenant.


Order for $86,174.00 awarded in court in July in Forsyth County Superior Court pursuant to Motion for Default Judgment.