April 2012

Non-Compete Agreement - The Prenuptial Agreement of Employment Law

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It’s a classic story line. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy wants to marry girl but fears the loss of half his wealth if the relationship falls apart. This is followed by the boy’s awkward attempt at broaching the subject of having girl sign a prenuptial agreement.

Winston-Salem Dive Restaurants: Spotlight on The Diner

There I was pumping gas. Next stop was home for quick lunch. Then I looked over the pump and like an oasis in the Sahara, there she was: The Diner. No more excuses needed. I’m eating out.

The Diner is located near the intersection of Country Club Road and Gordon Drive in the Twin-City. Address is 108 Gordon Dr.

Serving breakfast and lunch. It has a regular menu and a buffet.

MGB for sale: come see at The Gathering 4/14/12

My MGB which has been advertised on triadlawyer.com will be at the Gathering this Saturday the 14th of April at Shelton Vineyards. 

The Gathering is sponsored by The Triumph Club of the Carolinas.

See here for more information: http://www.triumphclub.org/Gathering/index.htm

50 year old restored MGB is $9800. White Hardtop to be sold separately. Call Kirk Sanders with questions: 336-251-9557

Bonded & Insured claims by Maids, Tree Guys and others

Have you ever received a business card that says "bonded and insured?" What does it mean? Is it important that a business providing you services be bonded and insured? Being bonded means that the business has securely set money aside with a bonding company that is available to you as the consumer should the business injure you or your property in some way. Being insured means that the business has a policy with an insurance company that will pay out certain claims up to the policy limit. It's important to know whether a business providing you with services has

Bicyclist killed by SUV over the weekend

Winston-Salem, NC -- A Winston-Salem Bicylist, Katherine Shubert, was killed in a biking accident in Summerfield. An SUV hit her as she was cycling at 7:10 p.m.

N.C. Highway Patrolman, Trooper W.S. Skinner said the bicyclist was wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road. The driver said she was blinded by sunlight and didn't see the cyclist. The driver passed a sobriety test on the scene. Investigators and the Guilford Co. D.A. will meet later this week to determine if charges will be filed.

Notice by Publication Tip--in Forsyth County use the Clemmons Courier

I see it regularly. Some poor soul publishes a Creditors Notice for an estate or Notice of Service by Publication in the big paper in Winston-Salem. If they selected the Clemmons Courier or Kernersville paper they would have paid about 1/4 to 1/3 of the price! It's a drastic difference. So if you're an executor of an estate, by all means, advertise in the

Landlord Tip: Always cut off utilities before Tenant takes possession & put this in lease too

It’s happened over and over again. A landlord for whatever reason doesn’t cut off the utilities prior to the tenant taking possession. Later the tenant fails to pay rent AND isn’t paying the landlord for the utilities.

Landlord’s first reaction: cut off power. Hold on, not so fast.