February 2012

Responding to Licensing Board Complaints in NC

I‘ve just closed a file for a client who had a licensing board complaint. It was baseless, in my opinion, and I was proven correct today.

The particular investigation into my client was finally reported closed and the complaint without merit.

So what does that mean for someone else who receives one of these complaints? Baseless or not you:

1)      Have to respond to the complaint in timely fashion.

2)      Cooperate with your license board investigator.

Collecting by Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers in NC (Attorney)

I’ve run into a number of contractors and especially subcontractors who are very focused on their construction projects but fail to collect their bills.

This is important, that is if you like to make money for the work you’ve performed.

Some key things to keep in mind on every project. This will help me collect for you and also keep your attorney fees reduced.

1)      Send an Purchase Order to the property owner on every job before you start working. Ideally you’d get them to sign the p.o. and send it back. Keep a record of this P.O.

Time to File your Corporate & LLC Reports with N.C. Secretary of State

In North Carolina Corporations and LLC’s (limited liability companies) have until APRIL 15th to file the annual report with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Annual report fee for corporation is $30.

Annual report fee for LLC is $200.

Go to http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/corporations/ to look up your company. You can download a pre-populated annual report from the search of your business entity.

Attorney files Wrongful death lawsuit in Trucking Collision that killed 4 Elderly ladies after a 95th birthday party

Surviving beneficiaries of one of the four elderly passengers killed filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver and his trucking employer, Panama Transfer Inc.

The Wrongful Death Complaint  alleges that both the trucking company and its driver, Kenneth Eugene Snow Jr., of negligence because of Snow’s collision with a car driven by Arlene Laughlin. The complaint alleges that Snow admitted running a red light at a the intersection. All 4 passengers in the car died as a result of the crash.

UTMA vs. 529 Plan (Estate Planning Attorney)

What kind of plan should I fund for child’s education?

There are a number of choices, including: 529 Plan, UTMA (uniform trust for minors act), Coverdell & more.

I’m going to highlight the differences in 2, the 529 vs. UTMA.

UTMA—it’s an irrevocable gift to that minor. Irrevocable means you can’t take it back. There’s no stipulation for use. So depending on the language, somewhere between 18 & 21 the minor, then an adult, can say “Gimme my money”.