December 2011

Landlord-Tenant late fee advice from Attorney

Late fees in NC residential real estate leases. Here are the present limits as of 12/1/11: see NCGS 42-46. Put these in your leases. You do have a written lease, right?

(a) Rent due in monthly installments, a landlord may charge a late fee not to exceed fifteen dollars ($15.00) or five percent (5%) of the monthly rent, whichever is greater;

News Release: Sanders Law Firm resolves Motorcycle Wreck claim

December 5, 2011. Sanders Law Firm resolved the claim of injured Motorcycle Rider hit by car passing on the left. The motorcyclist was making a left hand turn when the car behind him attempted to pass on the left. Right side of the motorcycle was hit, pushing vehicle on to its left side and dragging underneath the vehicle. Terms of Settlement confidential. Kirk Sanders, Motorcycle Accident Attorney. 

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