November 2011

New State Law Allows for Expunction of Non-Violent Felonies Committed Before Age 18 (Kernersville Lawyer)

The North Carolina State Legislature recently passed a new law that allows for the expunction of certain non-violent felonies when the offense was committed by someone under the age of eighteen. The law goes into effect on December 1, 2011.

Bicyclist Killed In Hit-And-Run Crash-Wrongful Death (Wise in Thomasville)

Troopers are seeking a hit-and-run driver who killed Richard Clay Wise (45) of Thomasville.

The accident occurred on Old Highway 109 on Tuesday, November 1, 2011.

Mr. Wise was struck and killed by the vehicle. Both Wise and the vehicle were travelling in the same direction. Mr. Wise was struck from behind while riding his bike and thrown into a ditch. He was pronounced dead at Thomasville Medical Center.

French Restoration--Classic Car Attorney

This Rust (redrot) lurked behind the rivetted "French restoration" metal as shown in photo two below (note the rivet holes of the metal that was covering up the rusted metal on the car). I owned the car when unbeknownst to me the french restoration was painted over. On the 2nd paint job it was discovered.

Tip: Make sure you visit the shop regularly and take good photographs of the progress of your classic car restoration. 

Classic Car Redux or a New Day. My purchase of an Austin-Healey 3000

After two expensive attempts at restoring classic cars-- my first was an ill advised Triumph TR6 with structural issues & the second an overly expensive restoration of a 1962 MGB-- I have once again dove into a restoration project.

MG-Classic Car as Daily (Rain Update)


Well it’s day 2 of the Autumn rain. That means two days that water has run between my windshield and my front bonnet then streamed onto my left pant leg.

My floor carpet is wet from the day before. I added more water to the floor pan pond.

This is normal for MG’s and most of older British convertibles. I seem to remember some trickles in my BMW 2002 tii. But British roadsters are definitely not waterproof.

Compound that issue with my windshield wiper stopped working last night.

Elevator Injury

If an elevator malfunction causes serious injury (Hospital treatment, ambulance) or death, then the owner of the building or its agent shall within 24 hours contact the N.C. Department of Labor. This a a public safety rule so that the state inspector will inspect and certify that the elevator is safe to operate again. 

There are civil & Criminal penalties for failure of the property owner to report the malfunction/defect of the elevator causing the serious injury.