October 2011

When Bad Decisions Result in Wrongful Death – Auto Accident

The tragic death of two people riding in a car that sped away in an attempt to avoid a police checkpoint reminds us that actions have consequences. One bad decision can result in horrific suffering. In the blink of an eye, a family can lose its primary source of income or its sole homemaker.

Restaurant Impossible--Potential Business owners should watch this TV show

Recently I had the pleasure of watching "Restaurant Impossible" on the Food Network. http://www.foodnetwork.com/restaurant-impossible/index.html Normally I don't like these reality shows. My wife can attest to that.

Adoptions in North Carolina

Adoption is a wonderful opportunity.

If you are considering an adoption, Sanders Law Firm, PLLC's attorney fees to represent you in the adoption process are:

1) $750 for Stepparent adoption

2)$900 for Adult adoption

3) $2500 for third party adoption

These fees do not include costs and expenses for filing fees and additional costs, such as obtaining a certified birth certificate, or publication in a newspaper if necessary. If it is necessary for a home study to be completed, you will be responsible for the cost of the home study. 

Non-Marital Partnership Agreements in North Carolina (Attorney)

For couples with the desire to share home and personal expenses, whether homosexual or heterosexual in nature, there are issues that should be addresses.

For example, marital couples are automatically covered under common and statutory law as to division of property, inheritance issues, joint property. Non-marital couples are not covered by the domestic laws. Instead they would fall into a murky, contract law.

So consider contacting our firm to discuss a Non-Marital Partnership Agreement. Sanders Law Firm, PLLC will guide you through the issues to consider such as:

Warning: Once you hand someone a check it's final. Scam Alert from Winston Business Attorney

So let's say you give someone a check. They walk out of sight, then return a minute later and request that instead of that check could you void it then wire the money to them/ cut it to a different name/ or give them cash.


There's now ways that via smartphone apps they can run that check through their account (and yours) then hand it back & it looks like nothing's happened.

So if you fall for this scam these scammers could extract your money twice!

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