September 2011

J.T. Terrell-WFU, Some Shots Just Aren’t Worth the Risk (underage drinking & driving)

Sports commentators have spilled the ink this week bemoaning the effect that the loss of J. T. Terrell will have on a Wake Forest University basketball team. A team that has already been hurt by the departure of two other key players within the last year. Being Wake alums, we can relate.

However, the more tragic story is how much the promising sophomore potentially fouled up by allegedly making the decision to consume alcohol while underage and to get behind the wheel of a car afterwards. We wish Mr. Terrell well. He'll get back on track with the help of family.

School zone Fine & Court Costs for Traffic Tickets in Kernersville & Winston-Salem

The state keeps increasing ticket costs. Any traffic tickets  given after August 1, 2011 will cost $171 + $50. And if our firm's attorneys get you a non-moving violation, an additional $50.

It doesn't stop there. In October traffic ticket fees increase to $191 + $50...

And in December the base fee increases AGAIN.

What is John Swofford doing to the ACC?? Expansion or Bloating

Forgive the rant, but what's happened to the ACC?

We will now have poached 4 Big East teams and bloated into a 16 team league. 16! Each team will only play the other once a season in basketball! 20 years ago our league was 1/2 this size.

Sarcastically I suggest: why don't we merge with the Big East for a 28 team league?

Swofford pushed through the 12 team expansion as a need because of football. We'd become a powerhouse. Well, we're still a football B-League. Football in the ACC has never been what it is in the SEC or Big 10 or Big 12. 

Business & Life in China. A great book for insight is Peter Hessler's "Country Driving"

I've been reading Peter Hessler's book on China called Country Driving. It's a fascinating look at China and the changes its undergoing during the last 10 years.

It should be a must read for businessmen & government planners associated with commerce. 

The book has 3 parts: 1) his treks along great wall & the migration of the citizens, 2) The Village (the changing village due to migration, & 3) The Factory (the creation of a city & watching the growth of factories in a Chinese development zone in Wengzhai.

Test for Unemployed People: Can you start your own business?

Disclaimer: I know many have lost jobs & are in unfortunate situations. End Disclaimer.

But I know of a lot of people milking the system. I have contractors and business owners looking for good help but the people state to them, I'm making good money sitting on my tail.

So here's my test: What would it take for an unemployed person to make their own money without having to seek a job?

Seriously, we're not talking about capitalizing a $350,000 business with machinery, staff, etc.

Last Will & Testament-Estate Planning: Should you use Legalzoom or Lawyer

Some folks want to draft a will but they're debating hiring an attorney or using Legalzoom. 

People like to save money. Question is: are you saving a buck now only to create major problems later? I've had to clean up the problems & it costs the estate $$$.

Going through the will process with an attorney gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs. PLUS the attorney should ask you questions to make sure what you want is what you need.

Unemployment Part 2: This place has job listings

Earlier this month I wrote about my amazement that someone could be unemployed for more than a year. More than 2 years is preposterous. If I were not employed, I'd start a little business (e.g. selling hotdogs, running an in-house daycare, etc.)--For more on that see "Test for the unemployed blog".

Since that time I discovered . On the Uvisor site you can search by location or field of work. There's a lot of jobs out there. So if you're looking for a job, try them out.