June 2011

Car Insurance (Lawyer)

I just resolved a case for a client with extensive injuries. Sadly, the injuries were very bad. It's even more despairing because there is not enough insurance to adequately compensate the person for their injuries.

This is the kind of situation that you, the reader, can protect yourself.

Cautious and defensive driving only protects you so far. There are plenty of unlicensed and/or irresponsible drivers on the road.

However, for a few dollars more a month, you can insure yourself to make sure you are protected.


NC Top 10 in Nation for Boating Accidents (Attorney)

Reported in http://www.foxcharlotte.com/news/top-stories/NC-Ranks-In-Top-10-For-Boat...

CHARLOTTE, NC- Over 30 percent of American adults went boating in 2010. That's over 75 million people participating in boating as a leisure activity. All that fun in the sun means more accidents on the water.

Visitors are flocking to Lake Norman from all over... just in time for the holiday weekend... and the hottest temperatures so far this year.

Man Charged in Fatal Boat Accident (NC Lawyer)

When people drive their boats recklessly they can cause serious injuries or death. Here's another unfortunate example from Mayo Lake in Person County, North Carolina:

PERSON COUNTY  -- Authorities say a man involved in a deadly boating accident turned himself in hours after the incident.

Sgt. Bill Taylor of the NC Wildlife Resources told ABC11 Eyewitness News Tuesday that 33-year-old Robert Franklin Gentry of Roxboro surrendered to authorities Monday morning, about four hours after the accident.

There’s No Such Thing as a Simple Misdemeanor – You Deserve an Attorney on Your Side

Frequently I hear someone refer to a charge or conviction as a simple misdemeanor.  While I realize that the term is used to describe a crime that carries with it the lowest sentence, there is nothing simple in terms of having to deal with the charge.  It is serious, and you can be sure that the district attorney, whose job it is to prosecute you, takes it very seriously.

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Where’s the Jury When You Need One? Your Right to a Jury Trial (Lawyers) 336-724-4707

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in North Carolina, your case will be heard by the judge and not a jury of your peers – that is unless you are found guilty and appeal the verdict.  While you have a right to jury trial when facing a criminal charge, you do not get to exercise that right unless you have been convicted before a judge.  And you have a limited amount of time to give notice of your appeal.

Business Planning & Legal Housekeeping (LLC & Corporation's Attorney)

As a business owner starts out, it is a good idea to establish a business plan.

It's equally important to include legal planning in your planning.

Plan on meeting with an attorney to decide whether you should set up the business as a 1) sole proprietorship with an assumed name (aka D/B/A), 2) partnership, 3) limited liability company (LLC), or 4) Corporation (Inc.).