March 2011

Expired Patent could make manufacturer liable for Big Fines (Attorneys False Marking Claims)

False Patent Marketing--Not Buyer, but Seller Beware!

            While we are frequently told that the buyer should be aware when purchasing goods, there is an area of marketing that places the manufacturer in a difficult spot.  While the local department or discount store is not liable, a manufacturer that makes a false claim about a patent that covers a product may find itself paying YOU, whether you bought the product or not!

History of Patents

To-do List: Off-site Computer Back-up drives (Business & Corporations Lawyer)

If you don't already, you really need to have a system where you take a back-up computer drive offsite at all times. Typically, you should have two offsite back-up storage methods and rotate them between the business and offsite storage location.

Expunction – Erasing prior charges or convictions

            When was the last time you thought how nice it would be to erase something in your past?  If you’re like most people, there are a few things that you wish were not part of your history.  Under North Carolina law, you can erase some of those “mistakes,” whether ones made by you or by law enforcement officers.

Dusting Off the Bike and Getting Ready for Spring!

It’s this time of year when the trees and flowers start blooming and the weather warms a bit that many dust off their motorcycles and hit the road.  My wife and I enjoyed a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day evening cruising through Winston Salem and checking out all the green.  We were not alone.  At each intersection you could hear the roar of V-Twins echoing off the buildings.