January 2011

Don't Co-sign or Guaranty for the debt of others

Have you been asked to co-sign or guaranty a loan for someone?


It doesn't matter if it's your child or favorite niece, don't do it. I have handled numerous debt related matters where the friend or loved one failed to pay the debt, such as a car loan or mortgage. You know who the bank comes after to collect? You, the guarantor or co-signer.

I don't care what kind of sob story they give you. You'll regret the day you did.

AND THE COROLLARY -- a friend has come and asked to borrow money from you with all sorts of promises to repay.

Trucking Accidents with Permanent Injuries or Death-- the need for Expert Accident Reconstruction Investigators (Attorney)

If you or someone you know was struck by a commercial vehicle, such as delivery vans and tractor trailers, then call us immediately.

The sooner you retain an attorney in a trucking accident, the better we can investigate your claim. The closer to the accident time, the more measurements  and photographs the expert can make, including skid marks and damage to the vehicles. This is key to determine speeds of vehicles and helps the lawyer prove which party is liable for the serious injuries or death of a client.

Car Wrecks: If you're injured make sure you get an Accident Report (Lawyer)

Many times when an accident occurs you are not exactly thinking as rationally as you would like. If the other driver was at fault or you were a passenger in a car involved in an accident, then make sure the police are called to investigate the accident scene. The independent investigation of an officer at the scene provides a lot of evidentiary weight.

If you can, get a witness or someone to take photographs of the collision. This is helpful to the lawyer to demonstrate the nature of accident and magnitude of the collision, especially if your case has to go to trial.

Criminal Court: It pays to know when to keep your mouth shut. Particularly when you are in front of a Judge. Sanders Lawyer

Recently, a defendant was escorted into Forsyth County Court from jail to face charges that he had violated a protective order*.  No sooner was he in the courtroom than he started attempting to communicate with the person who had taken out the order against him.  The judge quickly approved a $5,000 bond.  But because the defendant kept communicating to the other party in the courtroom while his case was before the Court, the Assistant District Attorney changed the request so that the bond would be increased to $10,000. 

Estate Planning Questionaire (Last Will) --Estate Attorney

Please use this if you would like to get started on your will planning. e.

Contact Sanders Law Firm PLLC at kirk@kirksanderslaw.com or 336-724-4707 for this document in a Word or PDF format. Winston-Salem, NC, Estate Planning Questionaire below:


TO CLIENT: Please fill in the following:


HUSBAND (Full Name):                                                       WIFE (Full Name):


Deferred Prosecutions, Expungements, Underaged Drinking & drug possession. When lawyers can help your NC criminal issues

Someone recently asked me (Randy Ivie) if I thought, given all the distractions of drugs and alcohol, it was harder to be a college age student now than when I was that age.  The person who asked the question is just as old as I am, and apparently assumes that alcohol and illicit drugs are more readily available today than might have been true in the past. 

What to do in case of a motorcycle accident. Protecting your rights.

Riding is serious fun.

Randy W. Ivie, Attorney at SANDERS LAW FIRM

While not for everyone, an increasing number of people count themselves among those who understand the thrill of riding a motorcycle.  Whether sport, cruiser, or dresser, little can compare to the exhilaration of twisting the throttle and feeling the road beneath you as you lean into the turns.

Landlord -Tenant Law: Smoke detectors in the bedrooms of your rental property (Attorney Winston-Salem)

In Forsyth County, NC the local safety ordinances require you to have an operating smoke detector in every bedroom. This can subject you to liability and open the way for a disgruntled tenant to make a complaint with safety regulators.

Practice Tip: In your lease, make sure it states that tenant is responsible for keeping batteries in the smoke detector.

If you have rental property, then you need to take care of this promptly.

Sanders Law Firm works for landlords. We handle evictions, magistrate appeals aka small claims appeals.